Jewelry Sample Kit of Assorted Gemstone Pendant, Rings Earrings price by Kilo

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140.00 Grams
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These are Assorted Jewelry Sample Kits of Rings, Earrings, Pendants and Bracelets all combined in one lot. Easy to order and fast international shipping worldwide. 

In these lots you will get assorted new and different designs and new stone combination everytime you order. The sample kit details are as follows:

Item: Sample Kit


  Rings: 8 Pieces

  Earrings: 8 Pairs

  Pendants: 8 Pieces

  Bracelets: 2 pieces

Stones: Natural Assorted Cut and Cab Gemstones

Weight: between 130 to 150 Grams Each lot

Designs: Assorted Designs

You can order 5 or more lots to get 10% discount and 10 or more to get 15% discount. The product comes to you from direct manufacturer to save time and cost. These are limited lots and we can remove this scheme anytime. Shipping is Free on this product.