Jewelry Sample Kits

Buy Wholesale Silver and gemstone Jewelry for resale on Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, your own site or shows or your own shop. We present sample kits which are easy to order and represent an assortment of designs and gemstones. These sample kit lots will give you an idea of the kind of jewelry we sell for wholesale. 

The overall price is calculated as per kilo calculation. You get volume discounts if you buy 5 lots or 10 lots of same  item. We make sure to include best designs and latest high quality Gemstones only in our wholesale sample kit packs for Solid Sterling Silver 925.

The designs shown in pictures are to give you a fair idea of how we make the assortments, the item you get will be on same lines but not exactly same. That way you will get a new assortment in each lot you order.

Sample kits are best way to start the business or to add big variety to your already running business. It gives you good wholesale rates, assortment designs and fast order and deliver. If you dont like any design in particular or any gemstone then you can let us know in advance or later and we will not include those in your order.